Why Make The Switch To Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity as more and more smokers see the benefits of switching to them. Here are some of the main reasons why so many smokers have made the transition.

One of the main reasons is that e-cigarettes offer you a cleaner smoking experience. There is actually no smoke involved at all. E-cigs generate a vapor from a liquid source that is warmed up in the device until a vapor is produced. It is this vapor that you inhale. So, no tobacco is burned and no smoke is produced. You get a cleaner smoke because your lungs are not inhaling any chemicals and carcinogens from the burnt tobacco. Countless medical studies have proven that conventional cigarettes contribute to a whole slew of health problems including strokes, lung cancer, heart attacks, breathing problems, an many others. Because conventional smoking robs your blood of oxygen, less oxygen goes to your brain. This may also contribute to the symptoms of brain conditions like Alzheimer’s. With e-cigs, you do not have these problems.

E-cigs are cleaner for the environment, too. Conventional cigarette smoke contributes to air pollution because of the carbon produced by burning tobacco. Not only that, but conventional cigarettes produce smoke and odor that are offensive to many people, especially those who are sensitive to it. It is due to this reason that many public areas, restaurants, and work places have banned conventional cigarettes on the premises. In contrast, e-cigs do not pollute the air because nothing is burned. E-cigs and e liquid are odorless to the people nearby. Many places that restrict the smoking of conventional cigarettes will allow electronic cigarettes.

E-cigs allow a person to satisfy his craving for nicotine without experiencing the health hazards associated with conventional cigarettes. In fact, some smokers have switched to e-cigs in an effort to reduce their nicotine dependency over time. E-cigs are available in a range of nicotine concentrations. Over time, a smoker can gradually transition to e-cigs with a lower nicotine concentration until he reaches the nicotine-free level. A gradual reduction over time allows the body to adjust to a lower nicotine dependency without going through a lot of stress. Once the dependency on nicotine is conquered, the individual can continue to enjoy nicotine-free e-cigs in delicious flavors.

E-cigs are safer in other ways. Many house fires are started because someone fell asleep with a cigarette that was still burning. Conventional cigarettes are the leading cause of fire-related deaths around the world. The cigarette can ignite linen and clothing and quickly burn out of control. E-cigs pose no such risks because nothing is burned.

Electronic cigarettes will not make your breath smell bad or stain your teeth. It is a healthier way to smoke. It is no wonder why so many smokers have made the switch. They can enjoy the smoking experience and satisfy their craving for nicotine without the health and environmental hazards associated with conventional cigarettes. This is indeed a smarter way to smoke.